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Our site was developed with the budget hosting shopper in mind. We have compiled different guides and articles about discount web hosting and how you can save money with a low cost web hosting company. Listed below is some of the more popular affordable web hosts you can find that offer hosting for under $7.00 per month:

Top 5 Discount Web Hosting Companies
# Host Name Per Month Space | Bandwidth | Main Features
1 inmotion
$6.95 Space: UNLIMITED!; Bandwidth: UNLIMITED!
Premium Website Builder; Free Domain Name
2 BlueHost
$6.95 Space: UNLIMITED!; Bandwidth: UNLIMITED!
Free Domain Name; Unlimited Storage and Transfer
3 ixWebHosting $4.95 Space: UNLIMITED!; Bandwidth: UNLIMITED!
Free Domain Name; Unlimited Storage and Transfer
4 hostmonster $6.95 Space: 350 GB; Bandwidth: 3,000 GB
52+ Free Scripts; Free Web Site Builder
5 iPowerWeb $4.95 Space: 1,500 GB; Bandwidth: 15,000 GB
Free Domain Name; $200+ in Marketing Credits

Looking for discount web hosting and are confused by all of the features available? We have compiled a Checklist of Features to Look for in a New Web Hosting Company.

Discounted and Reliable Web Hosting

Discount web hosting plans are services which are typically priced for under $10 per month. In spite of its inexpensive price, users must also take into consideration if the service they will get is high-quality and service-oriented. A web hosting company may be considered as a good service-provider if this would pass these criteria: a good overall review by users, the holistic quality of the services provided, enough disk space, great bandwidth, and all the other special features.

Usually, most web hosting packages for small-scale businesses or personal website space do not include access to scripts and server files. This hitch can be solved by Virtual Private Server (VPS), but before users opt for a VPS service, they must consider how much is the space they will need for their hosting purpose, the OS the software use, the number of processes required to run every month, and the processor power they can use

A dedicated server provides the best discount web hosting option. It also allows users to decide which Operating System (OS) is the most suitable for their business (they may choose OS like Windows, Solaris, and Linux).

Always consider if a dedicated server provides managed services that will allow network administration to its users. This is the best option for a company that is using RAM intensive applications. The reason for this is quite simple: in case the dedicated server needs immediate upgrades and repairs, in-house service is provided.

Other advantages of having managed services are: it allow hosting company to install software and hardware occasionally; it provide a guaranty that all the concerns of having web server are taken care of; and users are not required to pay extra overtime to their employees or web developer if the Web Host Company that provides the server failed to give them hosting services they needed

These days, many companies include managed services as part of its affordable web hosting package. Users can find some companies that offer remote dedicated server that comes with managed services and added custom package that allow users to pay only on the special features they want to utilize.

Here is a guideline that can help people choose the best and most affordable web hosting plans:

  • The company provides a free domain name.
  • It provides a great storage.
  • The company provides unlimited domains.
  • It has a free setup and site builder.
  • It provides accessible 24/7 online and telephone support.
  • The company offers a money-back guaranty to its customers.
  • The service only costs under $ 10.
  • The company offers unlimited emails.
  • The company provides great bandwidth.
  • The company provides a great disk space for its clients.
  • The company has a great uptime guaranty.
  • The company can provide multiple sites from just one account.
  • It comes with free software applications.

Are you confused by all of the technical mumbo-jumbo when it comes to web hosting? Have no fear, you can find helpful descriptions in our web hosting definitions section.

The Difference between Windows and Linux Web Hosting

For clients who are looking for a low cost web hosting company, they should consider what kind of operating system the server will be compatible with. There are many web hosting operating systems like, UNIX, Macintosh, Linux, and Windows. The main difference among these systems is how each one provides access to the server.

The two most widely-used operating systems are Windows and Linux. These two offer FTP access which is a way of transferring users’ files from their hard drive to the Web server and ssh access which is a system that allows Windows to open directly on the Web server and control the files right there.

Windows and Linux both feature JavaScript and HTML. Windows servers usually use files names *.htm while Linux servers make use of files named *.html. There is no real distinction in terms of use between these two.

Windows servers generally offer FrontPage extensions but only few Linux servers offer this service feature. These two operating systems both offer CGI and Pearl access.
Most hosting providers offer ASP which is usually found in Windows systems, while PHP which is generally offered by Linux, and ColdFusion that is usually found in these two operating systems.

Most Web Hosting providers that cater to small-scale businesses or personal website space do not include access to scripts and server files. This downside can be solved by Virtual Private Server (VPS). For clients who want this kind of service feature, Linux is the best choice as this operating system usually provides free scripts and packages. Linux is also popular because of its open source nature and is much preferred among open source development.

Linux and Windows offer the same security features. Usually, it is not the operating system that will determine if the server is susceptible to some intrusion; instead, it is the administrators that will decide on if the security is well-protected or not.

A database is important if the client is planning to run a complex website. The most widely-used are Access and mySQL which run on both Windows and Linux systems, but Access is exclusively offered by Windows.

For people who prefer Microsoft components like mySQL and ASP and other features and tools offered by Microsoft, Windows server is a better choice to make. But if a client uses web applications that are primarily developed on Linux platform, Linux operating system is a better choice because users are no longer required to pay for a higher license fee demanded by Windows operating system.

Other operating systems which are not as commonly used are Macintosh and Unix which is almost similar to Linux but more expensive and requires specific hardware.

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