How to Start a Personal Blog

The virtual world of the Internet has made it possible for people to interact in a way that has never been before. This communication technology has popularized blog, a web site usually maintained by an individual who put commentaries, essays, news, and other topics and issues. Blogging is often referred to as online diaries.

Bloggers have different uses for their site. Some use it as their way to chronicle their daily life, to share their thoughts, and to join interactive forum. But for those people who have no intention of sharing their writings to others, believing that such intimate details should be kept for themselves may opt to use personal blogs. Most blog web hosting services offer this feature.

Other categories of blogs are: news blogs, teen blogs, political blogs, photo blogs, travel blogs, video blogs, corporate blogs, and by other genre.

News blog provides social information and relevant reports in many issues. Some may follow the traditional format of newspaper, providing serious reporting such as science, technology, politics, and current events. Meanwhile, there is an emerging form of news reporting that features light topics such as fashion and lifestyle.

Teen blog often makes use of music downloads. While there are copyright concerns with posting music to blogs, this has still become very popular as this allows music lovers to access their favorite songs.

Political blog, another category of blog site, often provides interactive forums to its users. The discussion often deals with serious political topics which often result to heated debates.

Photo blog allows users to post pictures and images they wanted to share with others. Some blog sites prohibit users to post derogatory, lewd, and indecent pictures and images.

Travel blog often deals with places, tourist spots, and expeditions. This site provides opportunities to many travelers to share their various experiences of their journey, giving insights of their thoughts, challenges, hardships, struggles, and fulfillment. Some bloggers also use this to give travel reviews to places, hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots.

Video blog allows users to post videos and playlists they want to share with others. Some provide forums and resources to its users to make video blogging more interactive.

Corporate blog is solely for business purpose that often provides exclusivity to its users. This are used to create interactive communication among employees and executives to built good rapport between them.

Blog services are often provided by web hosting companies for free (Advertisers keep this industry afloat and flourishing). Users are provided with free services, but in exchange for this, advertisers can post their products alongside the user’s blog content. This is a marketing strategy that provides mutual benefits to bloggers and advertisers.

For first-time bloggers, they can choose free blog hosts that provide basic features and web-based editor. There are many reputable blog hosts that provide good support for its subscribers and offer special features such as templates, tools for templates, archive management, site management tool, large MB for content transfer and storage, image uploading, trackback and interactive forum.

Some low cost web hosting companies charge service fee to its users, but these provide more special features compared to free blog services.

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